Web application which can computerize management of library books and help users to manage using a software application we developed an online integrated library management system project in java. Main functionality of this online application is to update all available books in library and allow users to search required book.

Project overview:

Users who want to find books from large collection of books can search for books based on authors name, book name, book id ..etc.   This application users centralized database with integrated system with user and admin modules.

Advantages of  web based library management system:

Users and admin can save time to search books.

Admin can update users information in database which can give clear information about return and cost details.

Payments are managed by online application and reports for payments can generated. 


This application is divided in to three main modules. Each module has different functionality.




In this module student plays 4 roles,They are,

   Books availability:  This module is part of student or user module where user can search for books based on author or book id or book name.

 Librarian module:  This module is also called as admin module. Admin  will look after updating , deleting, modifying books list from existing list. He can update information of user to list with time and cost details. He will manage users information with contact number and address.

Download Integrated   Library Management System Project Source code in Java