Intranet Mail server project is developed in java programming language. Main objective of this system is to develop a efficient intra communication system which can help employees to share information in short time.

Intranet Mail Server

Intranet Mail Server Project Modules:

The project consists of the following modules they are as follows: 

  • User Registration Module 
  • Login Module 
  • Mail Maintenance Module 
  • Password Maintenance Module 
  • Logout Module 
  • Contacts Module 

Youtube video link to view data flow diagram and design details.


User Registration Module             

                                     This module deals with new user registrations, which includes their personal details, contact details, Password details and other important details to maintain the account. It is a process that links user accounts to identify the users and manages the life cycle of the user accounts and access rights. 

Login Module 

                     This module deals with authentication of users. Verifying whether they are authenticated users or not. If they are authenticated they are responded with the appropriate web pages otherwise with an error page. Login is the process by which individual access to a computer system is controlled by identification of the user. 

Mail Maintenance Module 

                This module deals with mails received & sent by us and other party.

                This module concentrates on

                        Managing inbox and received mails.

                        Manage sent mails

                         Managing the drafts & outbox

                         Sending & receiving mails. 

            Password Maintenance Module

                   This module deals with password management ,like changing the passwords. A system must provide a way to change the password. If a new password is passed to the system in an unencrypted form , security can be lost even before the new password can even be installed in the password database.

   Logout Module 

                                       This is one of the important module which deals with logging out of the mail. In this module we concentrate on terminating the session after  finishing the activities with the mail accounts. 

Contacts Module 

                         This module deals with the contact details. In this module we can store the mail id’s / contact details of other users. In this we can manage separate groups for related ID’s like as we do in your general mail networks.  

Download Intranet Mail Server Project Report