Inventory and warehouse management system project is a automation related application which is used for ware houses to handle information of goods,stock, maintenance..etc.  In order to deliver goods in time and manage large amount of data on timely basis with out any issues this application will be useful.

Inventory and Warehouse Management System

Inventory and Warehouse Management System

Project Introduction:

Ware house management software can manage details of distribution and staff.  This software application will help in daily planning , controlling and directing resources inside or outside warehouse.  This tools are tactical tools which are developed for business purpose based on purpose and requirement of supply chain.  This software are useful where managing employees and stock is in large which cant be handled on paper.

Existing System:

Few years back there was no use of software applications  for managing stock and material management but with the new ways of business mainly whole sale businesses managing information has become a tedious task. In existing system small business use to wok on manual paper billing system which is not possible when large amount of data should be managed in short time.

Proposed system:

In proposed system ware house and inventory managemnt softwares ares used where there are multiple modules with different permissions for each user and functionally. This application will handle stock, material management, employee, staff , offers, billing, customer information.

Modules overview:

Admin module:

admin will have permission to view all other modules and he can add, delete , modify any type of data from database . He can add stock, generate reports of sales and view customer information.

In charge module:

He will look after billing of products and view if all the received stock is updated to database and update information to higher authority regarding end of stock .

Retailer :

Retailer who will purchase products from store will be updated to database. His details with offers can be views by retailer.

Supplier module:

Information of suppler who is providing stock to warehouse is managed in this module. If any stock is required we can send message or contact person for stock request.

Customer Module:

In this module information of customers are managed.


Software Requirements:

Operating System                                 Windows NT

Languages                                             Java 2.0, Jsp, Jdbc, Pramati

Application Server 3.0

Web Technologies                                HTML, JavaScript.

Back End                                              Oracle 8.0

Documentation Tool                             Microsoft word 2000

Download Inventory and warehouse management system Project source code in java with project report.