Knowledge Management System Project is a java based software application which is useful for colleges and universities to conduct tests for computer science students in different software languages through software and calculate grades automatically in short period of time.  Main advantages of using this application is to save time and paper work and faculty work load. 

Knowledge Management System Project

How Knowledge Management System Project Works:

There are three users administrator , faculty and student. All these users will have registration forms to register with application and get unique user name and password to login to application. 

Faculty will prepare questions for java, C++,, PHP..etc and these questions are updated to database by administrator. 

Student will have option to select language from select field screen.  

Students are provided with random questions with four options and selection filed with submit button. 

After taking test based on answers submitted grades for each student is generated.

Knowledge Management Forms Overview:

Student Registration form: This form will contain student personal details like name, address, qualification, date of birth, contact number, Email id, Password.

Faculty Registration Form: This form is for lecturers which contains personal details like student form which is explained above.

Select Field Form:  This form will provide option for students to select software language on which he want to take test. 

Test Form: Random questions with four options are provided with time remaining and question number is given on screen.

Upload Question and Answer:  Admin will upload new question to database using this form this form consists of question, option a, b, c , d  and correct answer form.


Knowledge management project provides a concise result to the user depending upon their knowledge. 

Knowledge Management System can be taken to the Web in the future and the scope can thus be enlarged. 

Various fields can more add which will enrich the database of the system.

Download Knowledge Management System Project Source code in java with project report and documentation.