Although there are many image encryption techniques none of them are suitable for the networking systems. So the main scope of our Chaotic Image Encryption Algorithm Project in Java is to provide security for the images in the networking systems. Our project provides safe ways of means to transfer images between the networking systems confidentially.

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Existing System
There are some existing systems like traditional image encryption techniques DES, Triple-DES and IDEA.
1. Here in the existing systems the both the encryption and decryption will be done in a single system.
2. The user can not change his initial conditions, will not have repeated processing.
3. Have very less confusion and diffusion properties that are desirable for cryptography.
4.1.1 Problems in the Existing System
a. They provide high security level only under CBC mode.
b. They require large data size.
c. The existing system will take long computational time.
d. They need high computing power.
e. Not efficient for networking Systems.

 Proposed System:

1. Maintenance is easy.
2. Provides high security level.
3. This project takes less computational time and power in reliable and efficient way to deal with balky, difficult and intractable data.
4. It is more suitable for multimedia data, especially for images.
5. This project has many properties to achieve high security level, such as sensitivity to change initial conditions and parameters, periodicity, random behavior and unstable periodic orbits with long periods.
6. It has very high diffusion and confusion properties that are desirable for cryptosystem.
7. Encrypting and Decrypting of the image is very easy.
8. Sending or transferring the image via the network is easier, just to start server class at receiver side.
9. By entering the key with which the key was encrypted we can get the original image in the other system.
10. Viewing the status of encryption and decryption processes will also be there.

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