Law Firm Management system is more applicable to lawyers, clients for   the case investigation and helpful to practice lawyers to verify investigated cases.

According to our System we can deal the cases, add the cases, courts, witnesses, members and collecting hearings modify the Court details, Sections Details, lawyer investigated details

Project Introduction:

The Indian Law Firm Management  system that is one of the oldest has changed and evolved over the centuries to imbibe inferences from the forensic systems around the world. The colonization by the British in India gave India a new perspective to law. Mostly drawn out from the British Legal System, the Indian legal system exhibits the Anglo-Saxon character of judiciary. The Constitution of India is the fountainhead of Indian Forensic Manager System.

The structure of Indian judicial system resembles a federal hierarchy. The Supreme Court of India is the apex body, followed by a host of High Courts for each of the states. Each High Court has numerous District Courts and tribunals under it, to carry out the administrative responsibilities of this vast and diverse nation. The majority of India’s population resides in its villages and falls under the jurisdiction of Panchayats. 

Existing and proposed system:

In existing system clients and firms used to know about cases and schedules from court but using proposed system details are available on website. 

Modules overview:

There are three admin and client modules

Admin module:

Admin should register with application and get username and password. Admin can add details about each case and schedules to database. He can add law information for reference.

Client module:

Client can know about case with evidence, witness, hearing and member details .

Download Law Firm Management system Project source code and project report in java