Insurance project computerizes existing manual system for managing customer’s details, insurance plans, dealers information, calculation, schemes management, policy terms and registration details.  

Project overview: 

There are many insurance provides who need to manage huge data related to employees, customers, policy..etc. In order to manage these details we need a effective management application. This application insurance project is a java based web application which user’s oracle and back end database. 

Existing and proposed system: 

Comparing existing and proposed system there are many advantages in proposed system. In existing system data is managed in records where are in proposed system data is updated to database.  Proposed system is user friendly and provides security. 

Software and hardware requirements:

To run this application we need a tomcat server 5.5 version and oracle 10 g database. Along with java we used servlets, jsp, html technologies.

Insurance Project modules:

This application consists of 4 main modules which are explained below.

Branch Manager: This module is managed by head of the branch. He will look after other agents who are working in this branch. He can schedule work of employees and agents.

Customer: This module manages customers information. Customer who had taken policy their information is updated to database with name, address, policy name..etc and provide customer id . 

 Agents: Agents are like employees who work for company to register new customers and bring customers to company. This module will manage agents commission, total number of policies , payment details.

Download Insurance project source code in java.