Banking application for loan approval system project scope is to design a web application which can atomize the concept of loan management. This web portal will have communication between users, loan recovery team and banks.

Banks are major providers for loans for employees working in different organizations. Banks are using more advanced methods to verify users information and know accurate information about user before approving loan. There are loan management software where users can check loan details through online method. Web applications are helping banks and users to provide fast and accurate method for loan approval.


Loan management is the process used by banks to manage customer’s details and employment history for the client.

In order to get loan banks will fallow specific rules and regulations to know total details about person like job, previous loan details, tax payment, and history of client data.  Users who want to take loan from bank should have a account with bank and when user applied from loan his account his verified and processed to other department for verification with office work monthly salary and land documents.

Existing and proposed system:

Comparing existing and prosed system of banking with manual and computerized works we can easy differentiate advantages and disadvantages. In existing system for single document banks should contact user and client should visit bank to provide copy. In proposed system most of the work for request and submission is done by web portal.


There are different type of users like businessman , employee.

Admin module: admin will check available requests form customers, he can add, delete and modify customer details. Admin will have permission to process loan to other departments.

Customer module:  customers of two types business and employee each customer will have different procedure to apply for loan. They can submit documents through web portal and know status from account.

Registration module:

Users should register with application and get username and password . Using this details they can view details .

Download Banking application for loan approval system Project in java with report and source code.