Logistics supply chain management system project is developed in java programming language. Main objective of this application is to computerize process of logistics.

Logistics Supply Chain Management Project

Logistics Supply Chain Management Project Modules:

Main Modules:

  1. AMM Administration.
  2. Order Entry
  3. Warehouse Management
  4. Dealer
  5. Marketing System. 

 AMM Administration:

           AMM stands for “Advertisement Media Management” is the main concern and the Administrating body of the whole System, who takes care of the administrations of the each areas such as, User, Area, Warehouse and Orders.

Order Entry:                 

Whenever a user orders for products the AMM validates the user through the user information details. If valid the AMM acknowledges the order sending a reply to the user about the order. Then the AMM directs the order to the warehouse.

In case of change of order or any modifications has to be done then the user has no rights to do it. It’s the AMM who modifies on behalf of the user information and then updates the respective warehouse about the order.

The AMM also keeps a track of the orders at various places. Thus the information related to orders is completely maintained by the AMM.

The various functionalities are

  • Inspection of orders
  • Processing of orders
  • Editing the orders 

Warehouse Management System

The warehouse is the only division, which keeps a complete track of the availability of the products presenting in each warehouse. The sub modules are given below.

  • Employee details responsible for respective warehouses.
  • Product details present in each warehouse.
  • Stock details grouped under various warehouses.
  • List of ordered products.
  • List of pending orders.
  • List of delivered orders.
  • Email acknowledgements.
  • Various list of orders grouped under date wise.

In the employee details, details of the employees are given. It is possible to add, delete or edit the employee details.

In the product details, the details of the products in each warehouse grouped under category wise are given. It contains warehouse location, category name, category- id, product number and product name.

In the stock details, list of all stocks of the product present in each warehouse is given.

The sub module order detail provides the information of the person who has ordered the items, date of order; address to be delivered, due date and status of order.

In the email acknowledgement module four activities are performed. The main authority sends the email to the warehouse in-charge to inform him that the particular order has to be delivered. After the order has been delivered, the in-charge sends the acknowledgement to main authority. The warehouse in-charge interacts with the person who is responsible for taking the orders. It may be the project leader, project member, team leader or team member. The   warehouse in-charge interacts with other in-charges for sharing information.

Status of order includes the delivered order, pending order and processing order. If the current date is greater than the due date then that particular order is pending. 

 Download Logistics Supply Chain Management Project Report with design details, screen shots.