Mail Server Project in JSP  handles all the jobs related to mails. The man-hours involved for transferring data can be reduced within an organization by using this mail facility. By entering the id and password the user or administrator can directly look into the information regarding mails. Hence, the security is maintained in the proposed system. 

Mail Server Project in JSP

            This project INTRANET MAIL SERVER is basically created because of the difficulties faced in the other mailing system. Hence, the mailing system is highly secured as compared to that of the other mailing systems. 

           To increase the portability and flexibility of the solution provided we have chosen JAVA.  The server module is coded using JAVA. 


            This project aims at developing an application that is capable of exchanging mails in an Intranet environment. Our project aims at developing the following: 

An application that identifies the user with the respective login-id and password.

 An inbox is maintained for each user to store incoming messages.

An address book provision is given for each user to store address and mail ids.

The Administrator has the facility to create and delete users.

 The users are also provided with the facility to reply and forward mails to any specified address.

Users can send mail to many users and a clear identification of whether the mail has been sent or not sent is given.

 Users can also store their deleted messages in the trash. 


             INTRANET MAIL SERVER supports user friendliness. It reduces the communication gap between users whether it may be between higher authority and lower authority or between lower authorities or between lower authorities in an organization. This project is considered to be less cost effective. It is very feasible since its basic modules can be enhanced. JAVA supports the security system and enhances compatibility by providing exception-handling mechanisms.

Download Mail Server Project in Java source code, project report, design details and database.