Mailing System Project in Java named Ezee mailing system project is developed in JSP using oracle database. This application is designed to develop a easy way for reaching employees inside organization and also better way to reach clients on the network.  This software works as a cost effective and secured way of sending messages and files inside the system. Using this process organizations can save time and improve performance and provide solutions for employees and clients to get in touch with each other to solve problems. 

Mailing System Project

Features in Mailing System Project:

    Users can send mails to other users who are part of the network using a secured network which provide security for users.

   Messages will be delivered to appropriate user only and message will be delivered to respective folder based on type of message.

   Communication between employees will be fast and easy.

This application will provide all features which will meet all communication challenges. 

In mailing system project oracle database is used for back end which will manage information of every user which holders employees and clients details which are visible for every person inside organization. Team members can access this information using Ezee mailing system. We can update new details in to database or delete or modify from any location which will show changes in every user account. 

Mailing System Project Modules:

 Modules covered in this project are given below. These are the following features this application will support.

  • Inbox : All incoming messages will be stored in this folder.
  • Compose : We can compose new mail be entering mail id and subject.
  • Options: There are setting options for managing profile details.
  • Folders : Users can create new folders and movie received messages in to these folders.
  • Address
  • Sent messages : Sent box for storing messages which are sent by user.
  • Logout

 Download Mailing System Project Source code with Project Report , Documentation, PPT, Source code in Java.