Medical Management System Project ( PPT ) is a java based project which is a web application useful for helping users to get medical support from any location with basic internet facility.

Medical Management System

List of contents in Project PPT:

Existing system:

Presently all the hospital functionalities are done manually.
The sophisticated medical equipments and services are not available in all the areas.
If a person want sophisticated medical service he has to travel long way to multi-speciality hospitals, take appointments and has to wait till chance called.


§Provides online medical services to all people whether they are in metro or remotely located areas.
§Users can connect through their home internet.
§Management of patient’s lab reports and history is very easy.
§Communication between all the users are provided by chats.
§Telecenters data is also maintained.
Ensures data accuracy and security.
Verify that the user should be able to login through the system ‘Virtual Medical Home’.
Verify that the user should be able to take and give online appointments.
Verify that the user should be able to view his previous health records and lab reports.
Verify that the user should be able to update his profile and also can change his password.
Verify that the users are able to communicate with each other by chat.

Verify the reports generated by Admin.


Good look and feel
Easy navigation from one page to another page.
User can easily communicate with each other by chats.
Reduces the paper work and the users’ data can be stored and retrieved at faster speed and accuracy.


Absence of J2ME for high security implementation.

Online appointments and prescriptions are not suggested in some serious health situations as it needs direct interaction with the doctor.

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