Merchant Management System application helps the customers to shop different items online. The Shopper can see all the orders and the order details and he can decide whether the order has to be confirmed or rejected. He can track the order status and he can send the mails to the customers. The users can flexibly shop the items using user-friendly screens and these screens can be dynamically changed. Finally this application helps both the customers and the shopper to automate their activities using  a software application and maintain customer data very effectively.  

Modules overview: 

Normal User:

Normal User can engage in online shopping in any location, and they can compare the prices and they can buy the product without face-to-face assistance to the shopper. If any person want to enter into this, he should be member of this organization. Register form is available at login page. Just click the link click here.  Member can enter and purchase the goods as his wish. The customer can see the status of goods delivery also by sitting at home.

(1)       Change Password: This option is to change password of user.  Whenever the user click this option, “Change your Password” form will be display. This form asks the old pass, new password. The old password is correct then modified(new)  password is saved.

(2)       Change Profile: If the user clicks this option, User profile form will be open. If the User wants change his name, address, another details then enter above information and click the update button. 

(3)       Logout: Whenever the user clicks this link then he come out from the user account and Login Form will be display.

(4)       Home: When the user clicks this option, the main page will be displayed.

(5)       Admin: This option is going to be Administration account. When the user clicks this option then Login form will be displayed and it asks the admin login and password. If the username and password are same as the username and password of user entered, Admin Account will open.

(6)       Products: This module deals with the information of available products. Like brief description quantity available, price details, etc.

(7)       About: This option gives the information of EzeeMerchant. What is the use of this site and How it is works etc..

(8)       Contact: Company address, url and other personnel information are available here.

(9)       My Account: This option is works in Admin Account only

(10)   Cart: This cart option displays the selected goods of the existing user account.

(11)     Reports:   This module provides the information about orders, shipments, and clients. By this the marketing management can analyze the products movement and market strategy.

Software requirements:

Client – side Scripting                 : Javascript

Programming Language                    : Java

Backend Database                        : Oracle/SQL Server/MY SQL/MS Access


Download Merchant Management System project source code, project report.