Military Rental System Project

Military rental system project is a new idea for requesting service from military under rental basis. There are list of available equipment which can be rented is displayed on web portal once request is submitted to higher officials they will approve request with cost for day.

Project Introduction:

Military has equipment’s like trucks, water supply; security related which can useful for customers so there is need for a service which can help for communication between customers and military officials. This application military rental system is a similar project which will have options for rental management, customer management, security.

Military person who will manage all these details will update available equipment for rental to website. Using equipment feature there are 3 options. View equipment request, view equipment returns and view equipment’s.

Existing and proposed system:

In existing system there is no system which can help customers to communicate with military persons for equipment rent For any equipment rental customers used to pay high price from private users. Using proposed system a website is developed which will act as communication medium between customers and officials.


Admin module:

Admin will have option to add, delete, modify equipment from website. Details like image, title, from and to date, rent per week, rent per day, location and type is displayed to user

He can view equipment requests received from customers and approve or reject and view equipment returns details.

For rented equipment he can generate bills which will be displayed in word format with equipment name, rent for days and status.

Customer module:

Customer can register with application and view available equipment and request for rent if it is approved by admin customer can pay bill and get conformation.

Download Military Rental System Project source code and project report.