The project entitled Movie Ticket Booking System for Multiplex Theaters is a software program for multiplex theaters to book the tickets and to manage theater activities. Users are provided with web portal to select theater and book tickets by paying online. 


        Movie Ticket Booking System for Multiplex Theaters is a software application to manage theater activities, mainly ticket issuing, seat reservation, daily theater wise and show wise ticket issued reporting etc. This program helps multiplex theaters to issue the tickets. On implementing this program people can buy tickets for any show for any day from any counter. 


The main objective of this program is to issue the tickets to the customers and reserve their seats. The other objective of this program is to book tickets to any show and to any theater and to any day, so the customer will get the flexibility to book its tickets in any counter and for any movie he/she wants. The other important objective of this program is to track all account details particularly no of tickets sold for each show in each theater.


This application will have the wide scope, now a day in every city multiplex cities are coming up in every month. This software is very useful for all these multiplex theaters.


Ticket issuing: Details of movies are updated by user to this module. User will select movie from list and book ticket and pay money using online payment options After payment is done tickets are issued.

 Seat Reservation:  User can view available tickets and booked tickets using this module and select seats.

Admin Module:  Admin will report daily reports for total number of tickets booked and update show details to portal.


Software Requirement:

Front End                   :       Java, java script, html

Back End                   :       mysql

Operation System        :       Windows XP with server pack 2


Windows 7