Concept of multiple database management system is mostly seen in software development environment where database managers and developers works on different projects and need to connect to different database based on requirements. In order to perform these action we need a effective method which can provide graphical user interface and options to execute querires and connect to any database.

Project Development:

Database management system project is developed in java programming language in this J2SE, JFC , Swings, XML technologies are used. For database SQL server is used. 

Existing and Proposed:

In existing system command line is the option for developers to access database, in this method user should connect to respective system by performing queries. In order to reduce manual work this application is developed where user can use GUI and connect to any database and perform actions.

Features Over view:

Graphical User Interface:  User is provided with GUI with features like connecting to different databases, Execute sql statements, and settings to add new database or delete existing database from list. 

Connecting to Database: User can select connection option from menu and use existing connection to connect to database or user can add new connections like adding new database with user name and password , user can even remove unwanted databases from list. 

Query Execution: 

 After connection to database user can execute queries like updating , deleting, modifying from GUI. User can write sql statements to perform same action that we can do from command line. 

Transactions Module: Using this module user can save query data and take backup and roll back. Transaction information that are done to database are managed using this module. 

Export & Module:  User can export database file and save for further use. 

Download Multiple Database Management System project source code.