Multiple User Video Conference Project in Java is a standalone application using networking concepts which is useful for connecting users to the internet and users can chat using video and voice.

The motivation at the back of this mission comes from the shortage of platform-independent answer for video conference. proprietary hardware and platform-unique video codecs require video conferencing applications to be tailored and rewritten for each computing platform.

The emergence of Java technology provides equipment to create platform impartial applications. however, it’s miles the general perception amongst generation is that java generation isn’t always appropriate for computational in-depth duties, inclusive of encoding and decoding video or audio, which might be required in a video conferencing software. the final goal of this project is to discover the feasibility of creating videoconferencing utility the use of java’s contemporary multimedia era, java media body paintings.
This is an Multiple User Video Conference that is to be developed the use of java and jmf.This undertaking is specifically preferred to maintain the video conferencing on the net.This must make possible the video switch as nicely the voice switch at the net to our preferred excursion spot, and the connections over the internet need to moreover be maintained.This has to manipulate a couple of connection at a time and need to offer a chance to conference with multiple consumers. Even supposing the customer is hooked up to more clients he must take shipping of a danger to pause one voice connection and can maintain with the alternative. he should take delivery of a danger to control his connections. He needs to take delivery of a chance to disconnect unique one from the winning connections.

Existing System:
Model definition is the approach of acquiring a clean know-how of the problem place along with your industrial company opportunities; character dreams, or marketplace surroundings and defining a software program or device to remedy that hassle.

Existing System definition:

In the gift systems of video conferencing advanced the usage of java, there may be a trouble of shooting photographs and audio as properly. Due to the fact of taking images of those values, the system desires to query the devices which might be associated with the gadgets. as java does no longer aid any tool degree programming we had to rely each on jni ( java nearby interface) or rely upon any of the 1/three birthday party software that has become superior and captures the video and stores that into a record. and those movies had been being transferred and had been displayed in the opposite issue. this reduces “ the interaction of the programmer to increase the conferencing tool”. As just like the audio. this paradigm frequently makes this trouble of geared up the convention systems for the sources, and unnecessary continues of queues to the conference connection and plenty of others. this will regularly cause the system hangs or so known as useless locks. and if the receiving device isn’t always at that masses pace of display the video at that a lousy lot speed that it can get preserve of from the community. there they may be a possibility of statistics loss and often a lifeless lock on the receiver to overcome those types of troubles we for a today’s video conferencing system. One more hassle turned into there that could be raised relying on the camera or tool compatibilities and video styles as well.

In the present system, all the transaction like
1.Person fine.
2. Absolutely now not improved the excellent conferencing tool.
3. Statistics became being transferred as documents
4. Able to go for walks in unmarried or multi-purchase surroundings.

Proposed System:

In our proposed system we’re going to increase a conferencing machine that is based upon at the jmf’s libraries to capture the images as nicely the sound just so we are not by using way of the device stage applications or any jni (java local interface) to question the digital camera and sound codecs, in order that we aren’t going to use any constant report codecs to send the data and as we are not relying on the file codecs we aren’t going to apply any 1/3 celebration software to capture audio as well video, therefore our tool has given a risk to broaden itself all the required libraries ( relying on traveller pattern ) .

As our software is calculating the “frames in step with 2nd “ (fps) ratio our gadget will robotically proportion this records with one of a kind conference so that they may hold this system fps& community transfer timings and send the video files calculating those timings.

In our application, we’re going to use a jpeg encoder and a jpeg decoder to transform the pictures into one unique format “ jpeg” to assist all the cameras and devices.

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