Project on network complaints management system is a web portal for organization which helps employees and network administrator to solve any issues in LAN or network in short time.  This application consists of admin, user. User will have user id and password who can upload issues to portal which can be viewed by admin and solve issues.

Network Complaints Management System

Network Complaints Management System

Screens Overview:

Login Screen:

When the user runs the application the following login screen is displayed. It allows the user to enter his login Id and password.

Allocation and enquiry screen:

When the master enters a valid login Id and password the master is allowed to login and then the list of allocation and enquires are displayed as shown below. By clicking on the item which the master wants, he can communicate with the employee and engineer.

Enquiry screen

When the master clicks on enquires, the following list is displayed and by clicking on the following item enquires are shown.

Reports Page:

This page gives the all the details of reports to the master when he clicks the reports page.

Enter New Information:

This page is used to enter the new details regarding all the information by the master.

Complaints Screen:

This page displays the complaint information about new, pending and clear complaints to the master.

This page gives the information about the complaints that are pending, new and clear to the engineer.

This page allows the employee to enter the new complaint and check the status of the complaints.

Future Enhancements:

The future enhancement of our project may be, as all the peripherals are connected to the intranet if there is any troubleshooting encountered for the connected peripherals it automatically reflects in the administrator phase. As this system automatically recognizes the problem there is no need for the user to post the complaint to the administrator.

Download Network Complaints Management System Project source code in java with project report.