In today’s global, net is playing a crucial function. anybody want net for statistics collecting, communique, and amusement. a machine can get right of entry to net best if it has devoted net connection. any consumer device in the community (LAN) can’t get admission to the internet without a devoted internet connection to every system; even the server has a web connection. one more problem is, if the machine is immediately linked to the internet, the system may be attacked via the viruses and worms inside the net. these issues may be triumph over by the introduction of proxy server into the machine that is related to the net.

A few home networks, company intranets, and internet provider vendors (isps) use proxy servers (additionally referred to as proxies).

This undertaking has mainly three modules.


  1. connection sharing
  2.  caching
  3.  filtering

The relationship sharing module affords shared internet get entry to. a single net connection is proxied and is shared among a couple of customers. that is, in preference to giving each client device a person direct net connection, a single connection is shared and all inner connections may be tunneled via the proxy device that’s linked to the internet.

The caching module stores all the asked internet pages in a neighborhood disk cache. whenever a customer requests a web page, the cache manager tests that web page within the nearby cache, if it’s miles available then the page is dispatched to the requested consumer, in any other case a request is made to the figure proxy in child proxy server mode. the server sends requests directly to the internet server if it far begins as the primary proxy server. after receiving the response, the page is cached in a local cache and then it is forwarded to the purchaser.

The filtering module filters all the requests made by means of the patron. in this proxy server, the filtering module has submodules named site filtering and word filtering. in website online filtering, every time a customer requests an internet page, first the web page is checked with within the restrained website’s domain, if it isn’t in the restricted domain, then the request is forwarded to the cache supervisor. in word filtering, a page downloaded from figure proxy or web server is checked against the constrained phrases domain. if the words in the downloaded page are matched with the phrases in the restrained list, a caution message is forwarded to the customer, otherwise, a replica of the web page is forwarded to the consumer and another reproduction is forwarded to the cache supervisor. the filtering feature makes the proxy server to behave as a firewall.


Computers in an organization which can be at once linked to the net are liable to certain malicious assaults from external assets. moreover, while a famous net website is being hit by way of a number of users inside the organization, it requires a number of inter-community down transfers and thus slows the get right of entry to the one’s pages by the users.
The use of a proxy server shall we the outside hosts to recognize most effective about the proxy server. they do now not research the names and IP addresses of the inner machines, making it more difficult to break into the structures. as a consequence the internals systems are more at ease.if a couple of purchaser requests the identical page, the proxy can make only one request to a far-off server and distribute the received facts to all waiting clients.

Within the present gadget, if a consumer wants to get admission to the net, he/she need to ought to forward his/her net request immediately to the internet. before this, he/she has to set up a devoted internet connection. if a set of structures want to access the internet, then each gadget have to have an internet connection and every device should be equipped with a modem, smartphone line, and net bundle.


  • It’s far very high priced technique to provide web provider to every gadget wherein every device have to be prepared with man or woman modem and call connection.
  • It takes a lot of time to get admission to net pages because of no default caching of pages is available within the machine and it increases the reaction time and value.
  •  The structures can be attacked with net viruses and worms, so each system in the community can be attacked by means of the one’s viruses and worms.
  •  Each system sends their request to internet servers which result in the extra overhead on servers and it results in gradual processing of requests and reduces the network overall performance.


In the proposed machine, all the drawbacks of the present device are solved by way of offering green solutions.

  • The proxy server is the handiest gadget that calls for net connection and all the remaining systems in the network may be linked to the proxy server machine and might get entry to the net. so the value of an agency can significantly decrease.
  • The caching is provided within the proposed device, so the client can get the asked pages in very much less reaction time and even if the internet is down, nevertheless, the pages (static handiest) within the cache can be forwarded to the client. Even supposing the device is attached via the internet viruses and worms, best the proxy server established device get affected and remaining systems in the network may be secure.
  • The proxy server can control the customer’s requests and it offers to cache, so it can enhance the performance of the community.
  •  It is able to provide protection within the community by means of the function of filtering.

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