Project titled Network layer simulation system is a network demo oriented project which will display different types of network protocols and their working with different protocols at each level in OSI layer is shown.Network Layer Simulation System Project

Network Layer Simulation System Project

Project Introduction: 

OSI model is common for any type of network related communication either it is telecommunication or computing systems. This network model is divided in to seven layers each layer will have different protocols and each layer will have different functionality for handling packet.  These seven layers are application layer, presentation layer, session layer, transport layer, network layer, data link layer, physical layer.

Project Abstract:

In OSI model all these seven layers will work to gather and provide effective way of communication in terms of security, transmission, size, retransmission …etc. But these all layers works to gather we can’t analyze each layer functionality separately. In this project we are going to show each layer working simulation and type of protocols used in each layer.

Network Layer Simulation System  tool will give a clear overview about each layer and its working system. Users can view using graphical user interface with clear working of each protocol.

Existing system:- 

Students who are studying networking will have theory classes which will show how packet is transmitted from source to destination from different layer. But in this method students cannot understand how each layer works practically and how packet is constructed and security is added to packet and type of protocols used for transmitting data.  

Proposed system:-      

In proposed system a clear graphical interface with simulation tool is designed for each layer with clear explanation of each protocol used in each layer.

Software Requirements:

Operating System                                 Windows NT

Languages                                             Java 2.0, Jsp, Jdbc, Pramati

Application Server 3.0

Web Technologies                                HTML, JavaScript.

Back End                                              Oracle 8.0

Documentation Tool                             Microsoft word 2000

Download Network Layer Simulation System Project source code in java with project report.