Office conference Management System is communication software used in software companies for establishing work related data sharing and conference between employees. Employees working at different locations can interact with higher officials.

Conference Management System

Conference Management System

Purpose of the Project: 

Now a days software companies are using internet based applications for communication and managing employee’s details. This application organization conference is a similar application where employees can use conference facility for communication and company can manage employee’s recruitment and online examination and manage employee details using single application.

Existing and Proposed System:

With the increase of employees and communication with employees from different location has become a big problem for software companies in terms of cost and meeting arrangements.  Employee need to travel to communicate with team members working at other locations. To solve this problem this new software will be useful.

Proposed System:

Proposed office conference management system is useful for managing employees details in database, communication between employees, online examination for employees. Employees can post queries and get solution from seniors. 


Conference:  Using this module employees can add team members in to application and communicate using chat feature.

Online examination:   For conducting exams for employees on new technology this module is used. Employees can take exam and get results.

Database Management:  Details of employees who are working in company are managed using this module.

Query Management: 

 Employees can post query to team members on software coding or testing issues and get suggestions from team members.

Download  Office Conference Management System Project in java with source code and project report.