The main purpose for which Offline Browser Project ( Java ) has been developed is for easily saving complete web sites to the local auxiliary memory.

  • Downloading specific type of link given by the user.
  • Browsing through the web site to give the user the impression that he is connected online. 

offline browser project

Existing System

There are already some applications which do the same tasks i.e. help in offline browsing. For example, this formed a part of our study for developing the present application. We have used the application and were able to observe the drawbacks of this system. The study of this product has helped us in designing our application to overcome some of the drawbacks. 

Software Specifications : 

  Operating System    : Windows XP

  Programming  Language : Java 6.0 

Youtube video link to view design details.

Drawbacks of Existing System

The drawbacks that are faced by existing systems include

  • Most of the Applications are targeted for a specific platform like the windows. So if a user is switching between the platforms i.e. the operating systems, he requires two different versions of the same product developed for the different platforms the user is working on.
  • These applications are commercial products, which mean that it is not easy for students to access them. Even if they can get a free downloaded version they have access to a limited number of features.

Proposed System

  • The proposed system overcomes some of the drawbacks
  • The application is being developed in JAVA language, which helps in generation if platform independent Byte Code. Thus the application would be portable to any environment where a Java Virtual Machine (JVM ) exists.
  • The system provides more attractive features when compared to the present existing system.
  • We can download according to the required level(or)depth  specified by the user.

Advanced Offline Browser Project Users:

Offline Browsing: A Fuzzy-Based Approach in Clustering Data Sources And Ontology Metadata can be useful to lot many people. Some of   them include

  • Students: A specific website containing the information related to the students work can be downloaded instead of saving the contents of each and every page. It is especially useful while gathering information for projects, preparing for seminars, examinations.
  • Software developers: It helps in bulk download of Tutorials for the Newest Technologies.
  • Network Administrators: It reduces the Bandwidth Cost by letting the frequently visited Web–sites to be shared over the Intra-net.
  • Institutions: It helps the institutions by getting the required site to be downloaded ones and can use them without net connection.

Download Offline Browser Project in Java Source Code

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