Effective method for managing banking accounts is through online service.  Using Online banking system ( Java )project banking management can reduce work and help users to view their accounts through online.  At present all over the world most of the banks are using online banking system.

Online Banking System Academic Project in Java

Online Banking System

Project Category:

Web Based Banking Application.

Project Design:

Explanation about different forms and its features for user account are explained here.

Registration: User who is having bank account should generate unique user name and security key for log in to system.

After log in to system user is entered in to main form where choose account option is provided. Here user can select personal or other account.

These are features available on the form account details, deposit cash; withdraw cash, transfer money, Transaction history.

Account Details:  Information of bank account id, available balance and account type are shown in this screen.

Deposit Cash: Information about total amount of deposit are displayed in this form. These details can be viewed for various months and years.

Withdraw Cash: Information about money withdrawn from ATM or other banks are shown in this form with time and date.

Transfer Money: Online money transaction details to other banks or same banks. This transaction details are shown in this form. This form consist of transfer to, amount of transfer, security pin fields.

Transaction History:  This form consists of transaction time, amount, and type. Detailed information of every transaction is displayed here.

 About Project:

This application is developed by Singapore university Students. Project file consist of screen shots, project source code and database design.

Download Online Banking System Academic Project in Java Source Code 

Also Download This source code.

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