Project titled Online blood donor organisation system project is a web portal which will act as medium between blood donors and blood consumer.  This application will have modules for different users who need to register with application and update their information and donate blood to organisation and those details are updated to database. Users who are looking for blood will check website and contact support team and get blood.

Online Blood Donor Organisation System Project

Online Blood Donor Organisation System Project

Project Introduction:

Blood requirement is most important for any hospitals or citizens in our day to day life. At present most of the hospitals are maintaining blood centers where they will maintain different types of blood for emergency case. But this method cannot fulfill every time in order to provide solution for this problem a web application for blood is designed which will have details of blood donors, receivers, with available quantity. This will help users to know information from any location.

Existing System:

In existing system there are agencies which are managing blood banks, mostly these agencies are managed by hospitals which works on paid service. For helping users to know about availability we need to contact blood banks or visit location.

Proposed System:

In proposed system a user friendly web based blood agency website is designed which will have secured login details for each users who can update blood details and contact through website. This application is managed by admin who will update, delete, and modify data.

   Modules overview:

There are three main modules admin, blood donor, and user.

Admin : admin will have permissions to update latest data to database with answer query for users about availability and he can delete, modify, update any details on website.

Donor:  User who will register with application and he will have his own id and password he can update his details for any queries from users for blood donation.

Users: users should register with application he can contact admin or donor and also view blood availability. 

Download Online Blood Donor Organization System project source code in java with project report.