Online bookstore project (java)is a web based application useful for selling books through online. Users can access bookstore from any location using world wide web. Customers can search for books from different category and add to chart for further processing to buy using credit card.

Block diagram Explanation:

User interface is designed in java script through which user can search for books and see results based on search control functions take queries like search , retrieve, search update from book store 1 , 2 and 3 as shown in figure.

Database Over view:

Online book store projects use oracle database with four main tables.


This table stores books inventory details like total number of books, title of book, author name, cost , cover image, and publisher details.

Fcustomer Table:

This table consists of customer information with customer id as primary key, user name, password, address, city, code, phone number and fax number with email id.

Forder Table:

This table stores book order details where order id is primary key, customer identification number, price details, date , cared type, credit type and expiry date.

Forderdetails Table:

This table stores total number of order details, multiple book orders, order id, shipment details, total number of books.

Types of Forms:

Searching results from

Search results from own database and add one book to shopping cart

Display the book details including the image

Display of the shopping cart

Customer Login

Order preview and input credit card information

Display after successfully process the order

Customer sign in page

Download online bookstore project in Java