Online chatting system with display chat history application works on wired networks like LAN. This chat application has option to chat with different regional languages. Chat application works for multiple users but each user must register with application .After login user can enter in to group for chat.

After register and login part is done user can view available user online and offline. User can chat with person who is logged to system.

In order to chat with respective language user must install editor of that language. This application works on LAN communication, when user login with application request is sent to server for authentication and gets response. Server side database will store information of each user data.

Online Chatting System With Displaying Chat History

Online Chatting System With Displaying Chat History

Modules overview:

User Registration Form:

First step for using this application is registration form where user will ask for login or signup option. User can select register if he is new user and enter all this details to get unique id and password. Using these details he can login in application.  Registration form will have all validations checks for each field.

User Module:

After registration is done user will get user id and password using these details he can login to application and use all features. There are options for users to change password. User can view list of available users online and offline and perform chat operations.

Chatting Module:

Under chatting module user can view list of available users with online and offline status. He can select user and send request after acceptance he can chat with user. User will have setting options for changing font and color. User can enter msg and use send button to send message which is displayed under upper window.

User can chat with multiple users at a time he can view list previous chats and delete messages.

Download Online Chatting System With Displaying Chat History project source code, project report and ppt.