Online Course Management System Project in Java capability is to keep track of all the information and generate the reports as its main feature, which helps the management to know the current position of the organization activities by just glancing through system, generated details.

Online Course Management System

The system has been developed considering every single quality factor. Due to this reason the system is highly secure from the crash down problem. Moreover, the system is highly reliable and due to the security and integrity features, provides for the system, unauthorized users cannot access the system.

Online Course Management System Modules Overview:

Administrator to System Administrator will place the list of exams he is conducting with overall description such as name of the exam, time for exam, subject of exam, etc. He gives the question paper. He receives the information from system during registration process and validates the information and sends the id and password to system which is given to user by the system.

User to Administrator User selects his level of exam which he wants to write. This request is passed to administrator.

Administrator to User: Administrator will give results to user after evaluation process.

System to Administrator System will send the details of the user to administrator during the registration process and asks for validation. It also gives the results of the exam to administrator for storing in the database.

Administrator to Institutions The administrator will create the institutions and this userid and password are passed on to the institutions manually.

 Institutions to System The institutions can create the questionnaires, set the test papers  and view the results.

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