India is the largest democracy in the world. Elections will be held for every 5 years for National and State Assemblies. It is very elaborate process. It start with filing of nominations, withdraw of nomination, rejection of nomination, both finalization, govt emp allotment to each both etc., These process are done manually so it will take long time for each returning officer to prepare all these, and also there are lot of errors. In order to manage everything in a order they require online facility. Our proposed project will help the Election Commission of India to smooth nomination process.


        The project entitled “Online Election Nomination Filing System” is a online website, to manage all election nomination related works. Through this website candidates can file their nominations online. The returning officer will scrutinize all the candidates papers. He will reject if the application is not filled properly. Also the returning officer allocate the working people for each both to conduct the election. 


The main objective of this project is to manage all the activities related to election nomination process online. The other main objective of this project is to store all the data digitally, which can long last. The other main objective is to provide smooth facility for the candidates to file their nominations based on the constituency wise.


The project will have wide scope, the project is very use full national level as well as state level.  Even it can be used in many other elections. So this project will have wider acceptance and it is very needed at the given time.

Software Requirement:

Front End                   :       Java, jdk, java script, html

Back End                   :       MS Sql Server

Operation System        :       Windows XP with server pack 3


Windows 7