Using Online Examination Management System Project in Java we can conduct the exams online that is we can conduct the exam without paper. Using this for conducting exams we can save time, money and physical strength for printing, distributing the question papers.

Online Examination Management System

Online Examination Management System Modules Description:

            User is one who writes the exam and receives the results. There are two kinds of users here in our system they are registered and unregistered users. The registered user can login and selects the exam of his level and writes the exam and receives the results after finishing the exam. The unregistered user can write the exam by registering himself/herself.

Administrator is the one who maintains the information of the registered users. He is the one who accepts the registration requests of new users. He also maintains the information of questions and answers in the database. He conducts the exam by giving the question paper according to the choice of the user. After the exam he will evaluate the answers given by the user against the answers already present in the answers database and then issues the results to the user. He will enter the marks in to the database.

Institutions cannot directly register into the system but indirectly they are registered by the administrator. These institutions are created by the administrator but institutions are the one, who is going to create the questionnaires, set the test papers and view the results.

User Characteristics

User to System: User gets registered with the system to login for writing the exam. By giving his details in the registration process he obtains his id and password.

System to User: System gives id and password to the user after finishing the registration process. When the user gives his id and password to login system validates the id and password and then gives the permission to access the system. Then it will display the exams it is conducting from which the user has to select.

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