Online Hotel room booking website is a software application to manage room bookings in the hotel. This site provides customer and management to manage all the rooms in the hotel, customer can check the availability and they can book online. When the hotel have many rooms it is difficult to know which room is booked which room vacate, also when someone will vacate the room, how long they are staying in that room etc., These information at the reception counter is very important. As and when customer walks in the reception counter people must aware how many rooms are available to book. This software help them to solve this problem. The project also have option to create the bill. So the customer will be given a computer bill. All these can be done very quickly using this project. 


Web based hotel management project aim is to design a application which can reduce manual work and manage records of the customers, room bookings, billing etc., Once this project is implemented all the day to day activities of the hotel can be computerized, and the data which is required will be available instantly.


Admin: Admin module will look after updating rooms availability and check status of rooms and users check in and check out details with reports view.

Registration: user should register with website to get user name and password to login in to application he can use these details to book rooms.

User: User will have option to check availability based on time and date. User can select and book room and get conformation mail.

Billing: After booking user can pay amount using online booking options.


Technology                                :      Java and JSP

Web Technologies                      :       HTML, JavaScript, CSS

Web Server                                :      Tomcat5.5

Database                                   :      MySql

JDK Version                               :      JDK1.5