Online Project Management System Project in Java explains about need to collect all the new and older projects of our college and make it available to the juniors who are doing the projects with necessary options included. And we are collecting all the other projects which are undertaken by our college also. 

Online Project Management System Project

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Online Project Management System Users:

    1. Administrator.

    2. Guide.

    3. Team Member.

    4. Other (Guests). 


              Administrator is having all the rights to access this portal. Admin can view all the status, profiles and projects of all the students .He can Schedules times to the users or gives Notices to the user. He can change all the access rights of the users. He can download any project of the user. 


              Guide will also act like Administrator, but they have only limited rights than admin. Guides can have access rights with respect to their team batches. Guide can give ratings or scores to the teams of the project based on their performance .Guide can also see the profiles of the students and can give notices to the students 

Students (Teams Registered)

              Students will not have any access rights. First they can see all the projects done by their seniors i.e. all main projects and mini projects, next they have to register their projects with all the required fields necessary. If they want to download any project done by seniors they have to login. After registering the projects, all the teams profile will be stored in the database and whenever they want those teams can view and take prints of their profile. Students can view the notices given by the Admin or the Guides. And finally students or the respective teams should upload their project executable files in the portal for future use. 


              Guest or the new user can only view the projects in the portal and they have no access permissions unless they are registered. 

Download Online Project Management System Project Source Code in Java.

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