The main aim of Online Quiz System Project ( in Java ) is to facilitate a user friendly environment of Bluebook implementation and reduces the manual effort. Providing an online comprehensive solution to manage quiz system where the individuals are participating in a team.

Online Quiz System Project


             Providing accessibility to the administrators who have a valid userid and password. Online Quiz System also provides the following facilities such as:

  • ‘N ’number of teams can participate in a quiz.
  • Automation of scores of the teams.
  • Depending upon the pass marks requested by the organization/institution final         teams can participate ‘N’ number of rounds until one team is declared as winners.
  • Based on the requirement of organization or institution all the quiz details    (including negative marking) are entered by the administrator   .
  • Viewing and deleting the results of the quiz. 

Youtube video link to view design details of this project

Users of the System 

  • Organizations, Institutions, Academicians etc
  • Administrators
  • Industrialists 

Online Quiz System Project Functional Requirements:

  1. Administrator must have valid userid and password to login to the Online Quiz System.
  2. After the valid administrator logs in he is shown with the list of icons on quiz and wants to generate reports of the teams.
  3. On selecting the desired icon he is taken to a page whether to enter quiz details of the teams, view the results of the quiz, and delete previous results of the quiz.
  4. Can create number of teams participating in event in accordance to requirements of users.
  5. Automatic score generation of the teams.
  6. Automatic elimination of teams depending on performance.
  7. Based on the calculation of average marks the teams are eliminated and final teams are forwarded to the next round until the winner is declared.
  8. Questions for the teams are flipped automatically according to the time limit and negative marking is given to the participant if he is not able to answer the question.
  9. Automatic posing of questions to the participants in accordance to the requirement of the user.
  10. Implementation of rapid fire round

Software Configurations:  

  • Download latest version of Eclipse software
  • Windows XP
  • Install J2EE Software
  • For database download and install MYSQL
  • For designing purpose Rational Rose is used.

Download  Online Quiz System Project in Java Source Code

Link to download Project Documentation.