Auction is the process of selling goods by placing bid on each product where users will bid with some amount and others will bid by increasing amount. Users who quotes best rate can purchase product. Bidding is one the method used to sell product.  There are different areas where this process is followed.  Mostly when users want to buy products in large quantity this process is used.

Project overview:

Most of the business are using online platform for increasing business. Online platform provides users from any part of the world can participate in bidding and buy products.  This project Online Secure Auction System project is developed in java programming language.  This application provides users to select product from the list and participate in bidding and purchase using online payment.

Existing and proposed system overview: 

Basic difference between existing and proposed system is online and offline bidding process. In proposed system we use online platform for bidding and user may be from any location but in existing system user must be available in the location.

Project Development requirements:

For developing online auction system project we used java as front end language and other technologies like swings, html are also used. Oracle is the best option for handling back end data.

  Module Overview:

Admin Module :

Admin will look after back ground work required for safe and secured auction. Admin will mange users personal details and start auction process and finalize results and deliver product to user. He has permissions to add or delete user from auction .

Seller Module:

Sellers can update product details which need to be auctioned and he can place basic price from where auction can be started. He can fix final auction rate. His personal details and product details are reviewed by admin for safe auction.

Buyer Module:

Users who are interested to buy product using auction process can register with application and select product from the list and  participate in auction. User can be on auction or drop from middle. After buyer wins auction admin will provide product to user. User can make payment by online.

 Download Online Secure Auction System Project source code in java