Online Stock Flow’s main function is to monitor the requirement and consumption of various stocks. Online Stock Flow can be used by a manufacturing company. With the help of Online Stock Flow, company will be able to send requests automatically to various  part vendors with whom the company deals. Online Stock Flow categorizes different stock and allocates different vendors for delivering various stocks. Online Stock Flow will send a request to a Supplier as soon as the quantity of a stock has reached to a required minimum.

Online Stock Flow will be deployed in a corporate intranet. Any body trying to access it will have to provide a user name and password as authenticate users will only be allowed to access it.

Online Stock Flow maintains a database of various vendors with whom the company deals. Online Stock Flow also maintains a database of different stock. The operator on the shop floor will be required to enter the details of parts consumed every time, the details of parts having defects and not consumed, etc.

Product Functions

Supplier Registration:  Supplier deals with registering complete details of a Supplier who is supplying stock.

User: The user of the system who is trying to access the ONLINE STOCK FLOW must login to the system by providing login id and password. A log file must be created on the server side to view who tried to access the system and what was the IP of the system that accessed it.


  • Online Stock Flow should categorize the parts of the automobile being manufactured by the company.
  • Online Stock Flow should maintain a list of all the parts being used.
  • Online Stock Flow should maintain a list of parts corresponding to the suppliers.
  • Online Stock Flow should maintain a list of price list and updated price list for each part.

Stock Part Consumption: The stock Part Consumption will maintain a date wise summary of the parts utilized and their frequency.

Faulty Parts: Faulty parts will maintain a date summary of parts not utilized due to defects in them during manufacturing or during assembling along with their frequency.

Stock Request: Stock Request deals with requesting stock as soon as they reach a required minimum quantity. As soon as a required minimum quantity is reached for a part, a service is started which will send a request to the appropriate Supplier for supplying parts along with the parts’ quantity. A summary of this will be entered into the database. StockPart Request will also enter details of stock arrival in response to a request.

Supplier Payments: Suppliers will be paid for the quantity of parts supplied by a particular Supplier in accordance of price list for an stockpart on that particular date.

Reports: The reports section deals with the reports. These reports will be viewed by the Branch Offices and Head Office. The reports will be categorized into:

  •     Monthly Requests for an stockpart.
  •     Quarterly Requests for an stockpart.
  •     Annual Requests for an stockpart.
  •     Faulty parts received from a particular Supplier.
  •     Parts destroyed in assembling.
  •     Price list of stock.
  •     Vendors list corresponding to stock.
  •     Semi – annual reports on payments made.


  • The admin of the site will have the following responsibilities:
  •     An administrator shall control all activities taking place on this web portal.
  •     An admin shall create users and grant them rights to view particular pages.
  •     In case of unauthorized access, the admin must inform the HO.
  •     The admin shall be able to view the reports.

Download Online Stock Flow Management System  Project report.