Online Survey Tool Project in Java is one of the engineering final year project which is a web based application which is very important in college or organization. This one is intranet based application; this system is used to launch surveys. In this system we have features like email notification and survey results etc..,

Online Survey Tool Project

Introduction Online Survey Tool Project:

                        In online survey tool system the end user name or his role number may or may not be mentioned. In this project approvers will play important role. The approvers are HRS; this HRS will manage every system on the project. In the existing system we need to mention  the end user name or his role number compulsory, and process is very confusing compared to our proposed system. There we don’t have any approvers like HRS, so that system cause many problems due that problems we have developed online survey tool system.

Major activities are like person should be login to the system, details has to be change after the logging and capture the list of surveys for the organization after that we can see the results of survey after the survey has to be approved. Survey does not have any questions, the answers of each questions can be in a radio button or checkbox.

Hardware requirements:

  1. Pc with 2GB hard disk
  2. RAM with 256MB

Software requirements:

  1. Java
  2. Windows 95/96/XP with MS office
  3. MS SQL server, MY SQL

Download Online Survey Tool Project Source Code in Java