Online Tutor authenticating system project is a web portal for taking attendance for each user who is taking classes based on student id , date and course . This application is similar to attendance system which will update attendance of each user based on id and admin or lecturers can search based on id and class. 


Attendance is important for each education organization to trace student’s interest and results. Attendance will help schools and colleges to inform students status to parents and keep them in track.  Similarly authentication system is also used for tracking exact student or employee. At present these systems are used in organizations also for taking employee attendance and then calculating salaries.  With the development of software applications this system has become more simple and data is managed in a organized manner.  Based on type of organization and strength different methods are used from book attendance to excel sheets to software card id reader based. 

Project Introduction: 

In this application we are going to develop a web based online tutor authenticating system or student attendance tracking system. User user will have unique id with that id his attendance is updated to database and while taking attendance user need to select type of class.  Admin will have option to select class or subject and find how many students attended respective class on respective date. 

Existing and proposed system: 

   Existing system works on rolled books where lecturers used to take attendance and update to record. Where as in proposed system we are providing each student with unique id based on that id we can select class type like java, and update to database.


Modules Overview: 

Student module: 

Student can login to application and update status by selecting class. He can select id and class name example : java,, networking..etc. 

Admin module:

Admin will have option to look after each record of each student and he can analyze attendance by selecting subject and date and generate report. 

Software requirements: 

Client – side Scripting                 : Javascript

Programming Language                    : Java

Backend Database                        : Oracle/SQL Server/MY SQL/MS Access


Download Online Tutor Authenticating System project source code and project report.