Online VAT paying system project is useful for tax department and business dealers to pay tax through online based on products they are purchasing. For example if a dealer Is purchasing petrol he can fill form and get total tax amount and pay by online.  Admin can add new dealers to application and delete dealers.

Future Scope of Project:

The application is capable of managing only the current to commodities. It can be converted into general Tax Rules and Structure Implementation by providing a tight integration of the existing database with the one the site holds. The current database should be redesigned so that it can adapt to the changes with respect to the site. The current Site doesn’t goes for Java Mail API, this must implementation. And various the articles and there exists no provision for the new categories to be added and placed into the new section. This can be brought into the current on user request.

The application can be converted into a Mobile based using J2ME with which the deployment of application will be done on enterprises server and is accessible to all Dealers. 

User Manual:

Running the file index.jsp starts the application. From the home page the user or the administrator can log on to the server by inputting their Id and password. User should have unique user name and password to login to application. He can register himself or registered by the Administrator. The administrator can access the database by following the hyperlinks attached. He can add a new testing module too. The user is not permitted to access the system resources.

Before using the application, a system DSN “myvat” with Oracle ODBC Driver needs to be created as it is needed to access the database.. The required tables are to be created and the tables containing the questions and answers are to be populated first. The server needs to be started.

The application has been developed in a user-friendly manner and it is very easy to use the application. The user can gain acquaintance with the system easily.

Download Online VAT Paying System Project source code , project report.