Online video rental shop project is e shopping portal for purchasing or getting movie cd or any type of video cd through online on rental basis. This web portal is useful for users to get original movies and videos cd on low cost.  There are many offline stores where we can rent cd but there is not quality is video or movie .


Video rental shop or online movie rental portal is a online business which provides home videos ( movies, tv shows, serials, comic cds, music videos ..etc ) Since this a rental based business normally websites will take advance payments and provide access to contents and video files. In this method customer must register with application and get account activated and view available movies and pay through online method and get movies.

Project abstract:

This application will have features to register new users and admin will look after adding new movies to database and check payment details. This is a web portal where users from any location and view content and add to chart to buy or rent movies.

Existing and proposed system:

Comparing both system existing is a process where we need to visit store to get rental cd but this is a location based and has low scope of business. Where as proposed system works on web site where we can reach many users and provide movies on rental bases.


This application is designed with four main modules

  • Admin module: Admin can update new data and delete old data and look after total purchases and customer details.
  • Register module: to purchase any product guest must register with application and get credentials.
  • User module : user who registered with application can view data and add products to cart and proceed to purchase.
  • Guest module: Guest can view available movies and other rental cds and look after cost and offers provided by portal.

Download Online Video Rental Shop Project source code in java with project documentation.