Project on online voting and counting system is a government and citizen interrelated project which will help citizens to vote through a online web portal.  This process will automate voting process where users from any location and view results.  This application will handle information flow at different levels in a secured manner.

Main problem in this system is data management at different stages. If any mismatch will cause problem which shows effect in results , in order to overcome this problem different levels of checks and proofs are verified before final process. 

Online Voting and Counting System

Online Voting and Counting System

 Project Introduction:

                         In democracy voting is the best way to choose candidate. In order to manage voting process it is a big task. Every year large amount of money is spent on voting in different countries. There are no online voting methods available because of security issues.  At present online voting is used by taking surveys on specific topic.  Developing a secured and efficient online voting system can save money and time.

Existing System:

In existing system there are two methods for voting ballot voting and electronic machine voting method. In these two methods manual verification of voters is done using voter id checking and citizens should stand in line to vote. 

Proposed System:

Online voting and counting system works on automated process where verification of voter id and voting is done by web portal. In this method different security methods are applied to check user identity.

Modules overview:

There are four main module admin, user , voter id application and reports.

Admin Module: admin will update details of each candidate to list and he will manage all users details. He can add , delete , modify details from database.

User Module: user should register with application and he must register for voter id card and get id and password.

Vote Id Application:  In this module verification of user voter id card is done and candidates verification is done and user can vote for respective candidate.

Report Module:  Results are displayed after verifying each user identity with voter id proof and results with schedules are updated to database. 

 Download Online Voting and Counting System project source code in java with project report.