Online web forum project is a discussion forum website useful for web developers to integrate forum to website or this can be directly used for any type of discussion website There is admin panel where we can update data to forum and users can view forum posts and reply to post.


web forum shows users what they may do. If members can’t create topics, they will not see that feature. Guests for example, won’t have a logout button. If a malicious user attempts to bypass systems, NSBBS will still check if that user has permission to do that operation or not. 

Statistics and Tracking: web forum   statistics and tracking


o Number of members and guests online

o Number of categories, topics and replies

o Number of views for each topic

o Who the newest member is

o Number of posts each member makes

o IP address of user saved and updated for each

login and for each topic and reply posted

o When the user last logged in and last logged out

o When the user last modified their profile

Multiple Submit Protection: All forms are protected form multiple clicks of submit buttons. No worries about double posts.

Permissions: The administrator can completely customize the permission sets for regular members, moderators and guests. Each user can also individually have their permission set modified. Regular users can be promoted to moderator status via a simple toggle switch

User Groups: If several members require a specific permission set, a user group can be created. User Groups can also be deactivated or deleted completely if no longer needed.

Add Restrictions: The following lists some useful restrictions available in NSBBS:

o The total number of members that may register

o The total number of posts (topics + replies)    permitted globally (or unlimited)

o The maximum length a message can be (or unlimited)


o Whether the user needs to register before they may  see the forums


o A default value for how many messages a newly registered member  may post. This value can be changed individually for each member  as well (to unlimited).


Private Messaging: Members can message each other via a private messaging system and can even store messages they’ve sent to other users. NSBBS also notifies members if they have new messages.

Change It – Move It – Reorder It: Easily edit and delete categories, topics and replies. If a topic is under the wrong category, simply move it at will! Changed your mind about how the categories are ordered? Then reorder them as you wish. Lock either entire categories or a single topic. Mass deletion of categories, topics, replies and private messages is available.

E-Mail Notifications: web forum   can send numerous e-mail notifications to users. Some e-mail notifications include: new reply, new private message, approval/denial messages and more. All members and the administrator can also save a default preference for some notifications.

To Date or Not to Date: When users register, control whether their date of birth is mandatory or optional.

Agreement Message: If required, an agreement message can be specified for registering users. If they don’t agree to the message, they will not be registered.

Security Features

Flood Prevention: The number of posts a member can create every X number of minutes can be set. This greatly helps to deter malicious members from flooding the forums with spam like messages. In addition to protecting topics and replies, the private messaging system is also protected.

Approval/Verification: Upon registering there are 3 ways a user is permitted to access the forums. The administrator can set this up as they wish:

1.The user receives an e-mail and simply clicks a verification  URL. The web forum   application then verifies the data and if    approved the user may sign in with member permissions.

2.The administrator can see a list of users that have not  verified their accounts. The administrator can then manually  verify or purge those users.

3.Administrator approval only. Upon registering the user receives an e-mail notifying them that approval is underway. The     administrator can then approve or deny approval to the user.

The user is then sent approval or denial e-mail.

  1. Password Safeguard: All passwords are stored hashed (40bit) in  the database and in cookies (if auto login was selected).
  1. Authentication: Upon signing in all users are authenticated by  the NSBBS application to ensure validity, if the user is banned   or not, to apply permissions and if necessary restrict access  to certain areas of the application.
  1. Confirmation: Permissions are checked every time the user performs an action to ensure they may do so.


Download Online Web Forum Project source code in Java source code, project report.