Online website project on Urban Self Employment in Java  is aimed at developing an online system ,so that the User can register  and can apply  for any of the Financial or Training scheme.It also provides creation of  respective officers by the administrator  with respective   to the place and location.It also provides the feature  ,such as to manage all the complaints which were posted to the particular Urban Officer. 

Online Website Project on Urban Self Employment

Existing System:         

           In Existing System, the activities are being carried out manually. That is, all the corrective actions regarding to the details of the customer have been taken through the paper documents. So, there might be a chance of missing some aspects while recording, and it is also difficult to maintain paper documents. So it takes a lot of time and space in the existing system.If any particular record is lost,we are going to find the inconsistency in the system. 

Proposed System: 

              A Proposed  Online website project system that can function online on the net thereby providing     the following facilities:

 More Number of customers can be accessed.

 The packages developed in the sufficient way,that it overcomes the problems in the Existing System.

 It provides the feature for the User to view the status.

It provides the user-friendly interface.

It acts as an interface for requesting the service of  training in  the skills,so that it provides self –Employment.

It provides the functionality of viewing the complaints and managing the complaints.

Youtube video to view detailed explanation about project Design

Urban Self Employment Project Specific Modules:

  • Login & Registration
  • Check Status
  • Complaints
  • Instalments
  • Check Agreement 

Login & Registration:

  • Each user should be login & Registered to the system.
  • Enter the details on these Login and Registration pages.

Check Status:

  • After login in to the system the user check the status of  his financial or training concern and  update it ,response is send to the authority.


  • After login in to the system ,the complaints are posted to the particular officer based on the location ,if the user doesn’t pay the money according to the agreement.


  • The administrator basing on the urban status given to the User provides the loan transaction regarding to financial concern and specifies the number of instalments,in which the money has to be paid.

Check Agreement:

  • The administrator provides the loan transaction only to the users, who had accepted the agreement.

Software requirements:                                                                       

       Operating System                                       Windows 2000/xp

       Languages                                                   JDK1.5.0_02,JSP

       Web Server                                                 Tomcat 5.0

       Web Technologies                                      HTML, JavaScript.

       Tools                                                           Eclipse,Oracle 10g

        Browser                                                      Internet Explorer 5.0 or Netscape navigator

Download Online website project on Urban Self Employment Source Code in Java.

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