The project entitled Online Weekly Magazine Indent Administration is a website to manage Distributor’s magazine quantity requirement generally called as indent. Each week the requirement of the distributor varies so this website provides them an option to enter their requirement based on that the company can supply the magazines to the Distributors. 


        Online Weekly Magazine Indent Administration is a website to manage supply of magazine to their distributors each week, this project have two sections one for admin and other for distributors. Distributors can signup with the website and then they can enter their quantity of magazines they require. In admin corresponding employees know how much they need print and supply. This project gives clear picture on how much quantity need to be printed. Also billing can be done based on the indent distributor chosen.


The main aim of the application is to automate indent system, where the distributor can enter the number of magazines he want on that week. The next objective of this site is to enable distributors to make online payment through this website. The other next objective of this website is to enable company employees to know the quantity of magazine they need to print each week. 


The scope of this type project is very wide, once it is successfully implemented in this company. Then the same project can implemented many other magazine publishing companies world wide. This is a web based application so one can also make general site where all publisher can signup to provide services to their distributors. 


Presently the distributor’s requirement will be taken by calling them over phone. To call each every distributor each week is a very huge process and it leads lot of errors. The quantity need to be print in each week must be known other wise if extra printed it will get wasted and if printed less then we can’t supply to the distributors, to balance this each they need exact quantity, with the present system it take too much time and also huge number of people to process all these information.

To come out of this problem the proposed project will help in many ways. In the proposed project indent will updated as and when it is required. Distributors can also make online payment so it reduces the payment timings and delay in payment. All distributors can able to see their bills so it provides transference in billing.

Software Requirement

Front End                   :       java, java script, html

Back End                   :       mysql

Operation System        :       Windows XP with server pack 3


Windows 7

Browser                     :       Internet Explorer or Google Crome