Ontology based Retrieval of Components Project in Java offers application developers the possibility to purchase components from component developers and connect these components together for use in their complete applications. However, with the extension of component repository, there appear many problems.

Ontology based Retrieval of Components

One of the major problems is the difficulty in searching and retrieving reusable components that satisfy the user’s requirements. In this way, a critical prerequisite for successful component retrieval is the appropriate description of components.

To obtain a higher software production rate is the major aim of software engineering. People have worked hard for more than three decades in this direction. In order to improve the production rate of software development, re-usability has been considered as an ideal and key factor.

This video covers over view about project with screen shots and design details


Existing System

Although there are many approaches available for searching the repositories, such as simple keyword and faceted, string search, retrieval and signature matching and behavioral matching, they have some limitations.

The mainly problem is lack accurate semantic of component and the user’s query. So the retrieval result is a limited set. The recall and precision rates of previous component retrieval approach are not high.

Ontology based Retrieval of Components System:

This paper proposes an ontology-based software component description scheme. The component description information is associated with ontology to provide meaning of semantic which is base for semantic reasoning in the component retrieval process.

In the retrieval process, a user query in natural language is translated into owl language representation formats in order to augment retrieval recall and precision by deploying the same semantic representation technologies on both the user query side and the component side.

Software Requirement:

Designing frontend                 :                       JSP

Backend                                  :                       Oracle 10g

Scripting                                  :                       Java Script

UML                                       :                       Rational Rose

IDE                                         :                       My Eclipse

Web Server                             :                       Tomcat

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