The main purpose of Optical Character Recognition Project in Java (OCR) system based on a grid infrastructure is to perform Document Image Analysis, document processing of electronic document formats converted from paper formats more effectively and efficiently. This improves the accuracy of recognizing the characters during document processing compared to various existing available character recognition methods. Here OCR technique derives the meaning of the characters, their font properties from their bit-mapped images.

Optical Character Recognition

  • The primary objective is to speed up the process of character recognition in document processing. As a result the system can process huge number of documents with-in less time and hence saves the time.
  • Since our character recognition is based on a grid infrastructure, it aims to recognize multiple heterogeneous characters that belong to different universal languages with different font properties and alignments. 

Existing System

     In the running world there is a growing demand for the users to convert the printed documents in to electronic documents for maintaining the security of their data. Hence the basic OCR system was invented to convert the data available on papers in to computer process able documents, So that the documents can be editable and reusable. The existing system/the previous system of OCR on a grid infrastructure is just OCR without grid functionality. That is the existing system deals with the homogeneous character recognition or character recognition of single languages.

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Proposed Optical Character Recognition System:

     Our proposed system is OCR on a grid infrastructure which is a character recognition system that supports recognition of the characters of multiple languages. This feature is what we call grid infrastructure which eliminates the problem of heterogeneous character recognition and supports multiple functionalities to be performed on the document. The multiple functionalities include editing and searching too where as the existing system supports only editing of the document. In this context, Grid infrastructure means the infrastructure that supports group of specific set of languages. Thus OCR on a grid infrastructure is multi-lingual.

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