This Project can be used as the part of Patient and Doctor Interaction System ( Java ) and to diagnose the cancer by effective way. This system is also useful to share their experiences with the disease and the diagnosis through the site and it is helpful to other patients who are suffering with the same problem , can know their problem at earlier time.

Patient and Doctor Interaction System Project


Patient and Doctor Interaction system is also useful to the patients because Women Welfare Organizations conducting the camps online, the dates will be announced through the site .And the articles will be posted to the patients about the latest  developments regarding to the cancer disease.

Patient and Doctor Interaction System Features :

  • Admin collects the details of all hospitals and activities and enters that details into the site.
  • Admin adds different medical activities in a village ,adds the Reward details, and rewards can give to the doctor and view the doctor Lists and patient lists.
  • Admin can view the woman welfare organization details, register the doctors and woman welfare organizations details.
  • Doctors view The Reward details , give the details of MCQ tests and post the questions for that tests, view the patient queries and give the solution.
  • Patients can view all the doctor list details, Activity details, view the MCQ Tests and participate in MCQ Test.
  • Patients  Raises the queries related to diseases and view the Woman Welfare Organization Camps Schedule List.
  • W.W.O post the developed disease articles and view the articles and give the schedule of camps and view the camps schedule list.

Users Of  Patient and Doctor Interaction System:

  • Admin
  • Doctors
  • Woman Welfare Organizations
  • Disease affected or cured women(Patients)

Overview about project is provided in video

Software Configurations:

Operating System                              :                       Windows XP/2003

User Interface                                     :                       HTML, CSS

Client-side Scripting                         :                       JavaScript

Programming Language                  :                       Java

Web Applications                               :                       JDBC, Servlets, JSP

IDE/Workbench                                  :                       Eclipse 3.3

Database                                                :                      Oracle 10g

Server Deployment                           :                       Tomcat 5.x

Frame Work                                          :                      Struts 1.x

Proposed System:

Secure registration and profile management facilities for group members. Tracking member’s activities and progress.  Facilitating communication – Discussion through chat. Share patients experiences through the site and post the queries to doctors and view the solutions for post queries etc.

Download Patient and Doctor Interaction System Project Source Code in Java