Project on pesticide company and dealer management system is a management software which is  a web portal. This application is developed to reduce communication gap between company and dealers. Web portal will have admin and dealer modules through which details of products can purchase can be done.


Pesticides are useful for every farmer which is available at stores in every area. Each store will have different company pesticides and each company will have dealer to deliver products to stores. In order to manage this system we need a effective communication medium which can reduce manual work and increase product sales.

Project abstract:

Pesticide company management system will work on two modules admin module and distributor module. Admin can upload latest information to database where as dealer will look after new products with cost and apply for products purchase,  new dealers can also register with application.

Existing and proposed system:

Comparing existing and proposed system major difference type of platform clients and dealers are using to know and buy products. Existing was manual process but proposed is web based.

Modules overview:

There are three main modules admin , distributor and client.

Administrator module:

Admin is part of company who will look after updating latest products to database and he can approve requested orders and look after stock availability . 

Distributor Module:

New distributors can register with application where are old distributors can check available products with stock and rate and know about product and submit for product purchase and forward to admin for acceptance.

Client Module:

Customers can register with application and know about products can contact dealers and request product purchase and send to dealer.

Download Pesticide Company and Dealer Management System Project source code in java with project report.