Pharmacy distributor management system project has good scope in pharmacy industry for managing distributors who are working for company form different locations.


Pharmacy industry is fastest growing industry in the world which will develop drugs , produce and market drugs to different parts of the world.  There is separate body for drug distribution under marketing. Marketing is important for any company to reach users to remote locations. There are many marketing methods like selling in  stores, hospital for this distributors play important role. Distributors should be in contact with company to know about stock availability and sales reports.

Project Introduction:

Pharmacy management system project is developed to minimize complexity of work to distributors by using a web portal. Distributors will have unique user name and password to login to application .Using this account he can update daily sales, target, product vice search and generate reports.

Existing and proposed system:

Comparing existing and proposed system main difference is reducing manual work for distributors there are no need to visit company office to update status of sales and request for products. User will have web portal using this he can complete his work.


Admin module: There are many admin sub modules like product admin, customer admin, vendor admin, category admin, discount admin. Each admin will have different functionality

Under product admin we can add product code, category code, unit cost, tax, min quality, product description, product name, vendor code, and discount.

Customer admin will have option to add new customers , delete and modify customer details with contact number and address.

Category admin will update products details to respective category which will be useful for other admins.

Discount admin will add any new discounts to products list which will be calculated while final payment.

Download Pharmacy distributor management system Project source code, project report.