The objective behind developing Pharma Emporium Pharmacy Management System Project in Java is to efficiently maintain the different pharmacy stores spread over a wide geographical area of a particular organization and maintaining the details of daily sales of a store. Then providing the better management of the pharmaceutical products sold in a particular pharmacy store. With no more than a few mouse clicks, total pharmacy store information is available, ready to communicate to with store managers. Providing the better service to the customers by introducing different packages to them based on their sales of the pharmaceutical products.

Pharmacy Management System

Pharmacy Management System Modules Description:

          It has been modularized into following modules.

  1. Administrator Module
  2. Employee Module
  3. Reports Module
  4. Authentication Module

   Administrator Module:

In this module, Administrator can fulfill the following activities.

  • Store Manager Creation and Management
  • Stores Creation and Management
  • Products allocation to stores and their sales management.
  • Users Management
  • Reports Generation
  • Future planning based on the sales of products.
  • E-mail Notifications to the users.
  • View Feed Backs  

Reports Module

This system gives the following reports

  • Report generated on employees details
  • Report generated on total sales details based on a particular day/month
  • Report generated on product wise sales
  • Report generated on sales details of a particular store based on a particular day/month
  • Report generated on allocation of goods to stores.

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