The Photo Lab Management System Project (PLS in java) is a complete system for managing photo processing labs in a most efficient way. By implementing the computerised management for Billing, Inventory you could utilise your resources to the fullest extent of efficiency thereby stepping up the productivity levels.

Photo Lab Management System Project


This has been designed and developed after a thorough study of Photo Finishing Industry’s needs and manual system of operations. So this product has come out as whole and Smooth Solution for your needs. In every data entry, before storing the data in computer, the system will confirm with the user, asking questions like ‘Is this Ok?’ to ensure correctness of entered data in all respects. If it is not, then the user is in his liberty to correct it. 

Over view about project design is provided in this video

 Existing System

                             Commonly every details about photo lab are entered in the form of paper work. All the details about billing,employee salary,materials used for photos development and customer details comes under the paper work of photo lab.Person should be able to enter entire details about every thing in the paper work every work.But this is a difficult work for any one which takes a lot of time and this is the main disadvantage of the existing system.Costumer should be satisfy with product and should give the output to the customer in intime. We should not test the patience of the customer which definitely effects the business side.

Purpose and Scope

                               This project is aimed at developing an Photo Lab Management System (PLS) for a photo studio.

                            Usually data entry operator mainly makes a detail analysis every day and updates the data every day in the system about billing,salaries,materials,etc. Administrator checks about status of  the photo lab every day. 

Photo Lab Management System Users:

                      1) Data Entry Operator(DEO)

                      2) Administrator

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