Project introduction:

Prison management  system software is developed to computerize process of daily activities with in and our time, daily wages, criminal records, case status..etc. These details are available on website which can be visible by higher authorities from any location.  This application will manage each prisoner details in a organized manner. As the database is centralized modification done by any higher official will reflect in database.

This application will help higher officials to view records of each prisoner details and take respective actions. 

Project scope:

Most of the work related to prisoners is managed in records by admin in this process we have scope to develop a web application like prisoners management system which can manage data in a centralized database. 

Module Description:

                                Functionality of each module used in this project is explained in detail.

Prisoners & In-Out Register Module:    Each prison will have option to go out on permission, details of in and out timings are updated to database. Under each prisoners name his case details, status of case are visible.  Status of imprisonment and court attending details are updated using this module.

Administration Module:

Admin will have permission to generate reports based on schedule of each prisoner. He can update prisoner staff details to database and delete old records or modify existing records.  He can generate four type of reports prisoner release dates, employee timings and schedules of work, display interview timings, show in and out timings.


When any related person from prisoner side want to talk with prisoner he need to take slot from admin and he should give permission of timing which can be done through this  module.

Parole Module:

When prisoner is going to release in few days his payroll is calculated on daily based using this module. In this module it will display total number of working days and payment for each day and amount to be given to prisoner while release . This is visible to admin and user.

Download Prison management system Project source code in java and documentation.